Bengal Fashion Institute of Technology and Management

The Bengal Fashion Institute of Technology and Management (BITM) is located in Santiniketan,. A place that can rarely be associated with an engineering school. Even the surroundings are far from what you can experience at Jabalpur University or BE College (Shaper). Seven miles from Blur, which is away from the crazy crowd, BITM may seem deserted. But once you step inside, you’re in a whole different world. The 60-hectare campus consists of dining rooms, laboratories, gardens, large buildings and playgrounds. fashion style and trends

Fashion Institute of Technology BITM (Shantiniketan) has performed quite

Despite its limitations, BITM (Shantiniketan) has performed quite well when it comes to infrastructure. The five computer labs and the digital communication engineering labs, as well as the chemistry, physics. And various other labs, rightly demonstrate this. According to the authority, the best part of the department is its highly qualified faculty. The quality of students has also improved in recent years. Although originally under Visa Bahrain affiliation (2001) it had a humble start with only 250 students, now under. West Bengal University (2003) in the last 4 years, BITM has admitted around 900 students in 5 engineering streams.

Bengal Fashion Institute of Technology and Management

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Now, according to the university director, the long-term goal is to achieve autonomy. When dealing with changing sciences and a huge curriculum, flexibility is what is most needed. However, it is currently the issue of location that is shaping the conversation on campus. The interviews are already organize by well-known companies such as Dell, Wipro, GE Capital, Reliance Petrochemical, Cadbury India, Godrej and Eveready. Special attention sessions are also held for students who attend interviews. Thus, the current scenario at BITM Santinikatan certainly indicates. A constant growth not only of the fashion Institute itself but also of the career of its students.

It can be said that it is the fruitful consequence of the gradual but constant development of this engineering school, which continually improves its path towards a very prosperous future. Read more about Visa Bahrain University.

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